Sober Living of Malibu

Our mission is to provide newly recovering men and women with a path that leads to a lifetime of sobriety. Sober Living of Malibu is owned and operated solely by recovering addicts and alcoholics who possess significant amounts of clean and sober time. This means that we have walked in your shoes in many respects, and this provides us the opportunity to not only view your challenges through sympathetic and understanding eyes, but to also provide a supportive home environment that empowers you to succeed while you acquire the tools necessary to sustain long term sobriety.

We encourage recreational activities in a structured, safe environment, while stressing the importance of involvement, a sponsor, and fellowship. We strive to help our clients reclaim disordered lives by offering unique services, such as neurofeedback, while providing an atmosphere that encourages responsibility, accountability, personal growth, and sober fun.

At Sober Living of Malibu we truly care about you! We want you to succeed in overcoming your addiction to drugs or alcohol.

“We pledge to do everything in our power to help you succeed in overcoming your addiction to drugs and/or alcohol.”


Sober Living

A temporary, safe place to live. A place for those who need a little more time. A supportive, safe, drug-free environment. Somewhere you can continue to heal before returning home.That's why we've created Malibu Beachside Sober Living.

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Intensive Outpatient

An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a comprehensive, focused program for the individual who is able to continue living at home or in a sober living facility, and participate in his or her community while accessing the support needed to begin or continue a journey of recovery.

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Allow your loved one to see the damage they are doing, both to themselves and to those who care about them. Through a nonjudgmental process, intervention focuses on compassion and clarifying the need for treatment.

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What Our Clients Say